Transforming visual data into intelligence
Delivering intelligence from cutting-edge image and video analysis. Detection, recognition, navigation and tracking: our solutions aid real-time decision-making to meet your unique needs.

Matrix Precise solutions in Computer Vision deliver value across many fields, from surveillance to manufacturing to healthcare. Imagine a building security system employing facial recognition to allow entry for those who belong, while protecting against unwanted intruders. Consider a cardiac patient who can use her smartphone to read and send data from a home blood pressure monitor to her physician’s office, in seconds. A popular dance club’s patrons are safer when a computer vision-enabled video surveillance system scans the crowd continuously for threatening behavior or objects, alerting security officers when needed.

The Truth is Not What it Seems
Bringing years of research in the practice of Evolutionary Algorithms to help organizations solve intense design and analysis problems. We optimize product design for higher performance or mine data to answer multi-faceted questions.

When people can’t determine the best way to develop a product, such as an electric circuit or satellite, or answer a complex question, such as how to maximize revenues for an airline or optimize container loading for space and volume, evolutionary algorithms can save the day. An evolutionary algorithm system uses “artificial natural selection” techniques, based on survival of the fittest simulations. It excels at calculating many variables and scenarios until it achieves the optimal design or answer. Matrix Precise offers customized solutions that meet your specifications and business goals.

Connecting Sensors; Connecting the Dots
We live in a world of connected data and applications. Sensors embedded in machines and equipment feed critical data points which inform robots in the plant or location-sensing applications in phones and cars. Matrix Precise develops solutions which intelligently combine data from multiple sensors to facilitate better answers.

Sensors are revolutionizing agriculture in ways we had never imagined. Climate control systems in greenhouses are managed through sensors for temperature, light and CO2. Effectively analyzing data from these sensors creates optimal conditions for growth and quality. A real estate developer must create 3-D models of hotel rooms for marketing purposes. Using a sensor-fusion-enabled mobile app, an employee moves around the room to collect the data. The app instantly recognizes camera angles, motion and distance to walls and objects to create the 3-D model. Matrix Precise brings in-depth engineering expertise and an individual consultative approach to solve data-driven business problems.